We’re all about answers.

Our life is focussed on delivering answers to your questions – anything you need to help make accurate predictions and insightful decisions.

Well over 800 successful studies over the past twenty-eight years have helped leverage powerful interventions, effective policies, and strategic initiatives. There are four main cornerstones …

Full Service

The one where we deliver an end-to-end research and development process. Our major strength, full-service sees us delivering such things as feasibility studies, evaluations of policies and projects, full-scope employee engagement, time-series social media tracking and analysis, etc.

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The armed forces depend on masses of intelligence – and so do the rest of us. Our main strengths here are detailed social-media and textual analysis, and in-depth statistical analysis and testing. We have the in-house expertise and capacity to gather quantitative and qualitative data through polls, surveys, web/social media search, and desk research to give you the numbers and facts you require to make sound strategic decisions. We source the intelligence, crunch it, consider and analyse, and deliver the answers you need.

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You may think it’s impossible to know the future and, in detail, that’s true. But major governments and corporations operate ongoing future-foresight programmes. These deliver highly reliable results which are then used for planning and strategic policy.

Our foresight approach is nowhere near as expensive yet is extremely effective. It outstrips ordinary Delphi by miles, delivering deeper, more reliable forecasts of the future. The multi-layered proprietary approach avoids the built-in bias inherent in simple forecasting methods. It’s comprehensive, confidential, and empowering.

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That’s what modern life is all about. No-one ever stops learning. The problem for employers and those responsible for entire sectors is how to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. We possess some of the most experienced specialist staff in the business. Their involvement in the learning system goes back many decades. We know what is happening and why; we know where it all came from and where it is going and more importantly we know how to get the best out of modern education and training approaches.

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Safe Child