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Like many other firms, we have made the switch to a mainly-home-based work system with telephonic and video conferencing and communications. There is currently no impact from the C-19 situation on ongoing work. Our IT, security systems and communications by email, phone and social media, are all fully operational. There is a now a huge amount to do to help business, industry and education adjust, and to assist them in being prepared for the economic and social implications as, hopefully sooner rather than later, we find ways of coping long-term with this particular Coronavirus. It is a different world and different questions will need to be answered. We have the ideas, the means, and the experience to help you answer them.


A great deal rests on skilled and accurate market research these days – new product research, customer profiling, brand research, computer analysis, etc.

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Complex initiatives demand sophisticated evaluations based on robust logic models and precise theories of change

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Impossible to know the future? Major governments and corporations spend millions doing just that. Our proprietary system delivers confidential, empowering results.

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For almost thirty years we’ve been delivering careers research, competence frameworks, qualifications, and standards.

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One of our major strengths is the creation of effective customer and employee engagement processes based partly on powerful satisfaction surveys and polls.

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Social Media & Qualitative Analysis

With so much valuable feedback around in written form we can analyse huge amounts of qualitative data and deliver valuable insights.

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