We have conducted hundreds of surveys for scores of clients but not a single one has ever been the same as any other.

The secret of effective surveying is to understand the final objectives, design the right, concise questions to acquire the optimum information, and then analyse that information intelligently.

The biggest change since we began surveying back in 1991 has been the sheer volume of modern telephone and online surveying as compared to the relatively low frequency of largely postal surveying twenty years ago. The mechanics and techniques of surveying are, nowadays, the least important aspect of the design process. We know very well how to conduct surveys and how to analyse them; what makes Pye Tait different is that we also know how to conduct effective surveys that get to the right people and deliver meaningful and valuable information.

Our services include developing sample quotas, designing questionnaires, as well as developing and conducting online, telephone and postal surveys. We cater for both small and large scale survey work and have experience across multiple industry sectors and a diverse range of target groups, ranging from employers and training providers, to apprentices and internal company staff. We use the latest versions of SNAP and SPSS to conduct simple or complex analyses and we produce detailed reports.