It’s a vastly over-used word but Pye Tait Consulting is genuinely passionate about STEM.

The future of our nation now depends on having sufficient people with advanced scientific, technical, engineering and maths ability – and that is no exaggeration.

Our experience extends across many sectors. Most recently we have completed STEM-related projects for SCORE and Research Councils UK, and have provided considerable input (some dozen reports) into the development of a 14-19 qualification in Science, as well as authoring regional Skills Action Plans for both the Aerospace and Space industries.

At school level we have just completed detailed research into the match between maths GCSE and employer needs, and also looked in detail at the resourcing of science in both primary and secondary schools. For the GCSE work we consulted with just under 1,400 employers, stakeholders, teaching practitioners, unions and learners to support a published comprehensive data report and advice to Ministers (all in less than ten weeks).