Research is a very broad term. It extends from the briefest of Google searches for a school essay to the most extensive, scientific investigations of the myriad intricacies of quantum physics.

Somewhere towards the latter third of that dimension lies the sort of research that Pye Tait Consulting has been carrying out since 1991: deep, specialist research into aspects and elements surrounding education, skills, and labour in the UK and abroad.

Our knowledge and expertise cover just about every UK economic sector from space and aerospace to heritage and horticulture; from nuclear and renewables to financial; from high-tech manufacturing to the creative industries, and many more.

We deploy a very wide range of techniques and offer lengthy experience in a wide range of Primary and secondary research approaches including online and telephone surveys (and paper-based ones if required), social media interrogation, data gathering from existing sources, literature reviews, group work (focus, Delphi, nominal, etc.), depth interviewing, etc.

Some of our key skills include:

• Statistical analysis and modelling
• Evaluations
• Labour market intelligence
• Qualifications & standards
• Careers
• Trade and inward investment
• Competence frameworks

We have succeeded in meeting and exceeding client expectations in almost 900 separate commissions.

We are researchers, first and foremost.

We are all about answers.

We link to just a few examples of our published research reports below:

Department for Education (DfE):

The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP):

Further examples are available on our website HERE.