Since the system of “levelled” qualifications began, we have developed both the standards underlying qualifications and the qualifications themselves at almost every level.

From degree to 14-16 level, we’ve contributed to, or developed, elements of most of the modern structure of UK qualifications, including Foundation Degrees, Apprenticeships, A Levels, GCSEs, and a wide range of vocational qualifications.

We have in-depth knowledge of the very different English and Scottish systems, having designed, developed and reviewed a wide range of units and qualifications; and designed and developed “product surround” (e.g. assessment specifications, tutor guidance, question banks). Nearly all of these projects involved convening and facilitating development groups of employers, sector bodies, training providers and assessors. Clients include awarding organisations, sector bodies and professional bodies.

On the international scene, we have been developing skills standards, units of qualifications and computer based testing for the Saudi government.