Policy issues form a major part of the work of our senior staff. We advise on the shape of policies and their implementation.

The work can involve consultations and detailed background research, surveys and analysis, and the drafting of new or amended policies. We also work on “green-field” policies – those which do not yet exist in any form but which might be of value in the future. Recently we researched and advised a Government department on a licensing issue, for example.

Our ground-breaking work on policy is extensive and diverse. Recently we developed a comprehensive approach to competence in the UK construction sector which has led to a number of national changes in approach and some new initiatives, we investigated and then developed exciting and innovative plans for the aerospace and space sectors in Cornwall, and we researched an innovative new approach for the food and drink sector.

The knowledge and expertise among our senior staff gives us an almost unique ability to understand needs and then develop new paths and processes.