Link-up With Us

Pye Tait has been in the research business for almost three decades and has built up a great reputation within its niche markets. However, there are always jobs for which we do not have the capacity or the skills in-house and we are, therefore, always looking for additional expertise.

Freelance experts work with us in various ways which suit their skills, experience, availability and their business-model. We are completely flexible and always seek to create opportunities which meet mutual needs.

In most cases we identify opportunities for work and – after confirming with our relevant freelancers – develop strong bids. In others, the work may be identified by the freelancers themselves. It may be that it is for their existing clients but requires a slightly larger team, more admin facilities, different skills, specific registrations or quality systems, etc.

Over the past few years we’ve found that this type of arrangement works well – and to everyone’s advantage.

Working with Pye Tait, freelancers benefit from:

• Working with an established name with a 28-year track record
• Pye Tait’s presence on all the biggest bidding frameworks
• Our internal tender-prospecting expertise
• Extensive contacts in virtually every sector of the economy
• Internal staff skilled in research, statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, surveying, evaluations, etc.
• Our company ISO registration – established in 1999
• Our registrations with all the major professional bodies – MRS, SRA, UK Evaluation Society, etc.
• Excellent administrative and communications facilities
• Top analytical software including SPSS, SNAP and NVivo
• Full, up-to-date business/organisational database
• Years of surveying experience and an internal survey team

If you are interested, please drop us an email on indicating the sort of availability you have, your experience, the type of work you are particularly great at, and the day rates you normally charge.

The saying is: strength in numbers, but in research, the strength is in combined expertise – and that’s what the Pye Tait-Freelancer system is all about.