Pye Tait Consulting is an approved supplier on the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's Futures Framework.

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Thirty years of excellence in economic, future foresight, market, industry, and social research, skills modelling, and consultancy.
About Us

Pye Tait Consulting is a well-known, 30-year-old, multi-disciplinary business consultancy delivering professional research for a huge range of client types from governments, regulators and professional bodies, to trade federations and regional and local authorities. We have an outstanding track record in futures research. Our knowledge and expertise have been amassed from over 830 projects across almost all UK sectors.

✔  Future studies
✔  Evaluation
✔  Feasibility
✔  Science, technology and innovation
✔  Modelling/analysis; time series
✔  PESTLE/SWOT analysis
✔  Competence mapping
✔  Benchmarking
✔  Primary research: Expert elicitation, surveys, nominal groups, workshop design, interviewing, etc.
✔  Literature reviews
✔  Customer journeys
✔  Employee/Employer engagement
✔  Data visualisation
‘Futures’ Portfolio snapshot

A few of our recent, futures studies include:

Technical Skills Legacy: One of our most challenging recent futures studies, looking into the demand for, and supply of, technical infrastructure skills required in Norfolk and Suffolk over the next 15 years. It involved complex modelling of over 1,600 projects, £36bn worth of planned infrastructure, a base workforce of over 150,000 people and a technical workforce of around 98,000 across 14 disciplines.

Labour Market Outlook and Technology Research: Two reports for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), examining business trends and policy over the next five to ten years, workforce numbers, labour supply issues, skills gaps, training needs and analysis of the future outlook for the sector. The technology strand probed future technological trends affecting engineering construction, business impact (and changes in demand) for a range of specific occupations.

Skills Profile for the Palace of Westminster: Among our ongoing work is the study of the impact of heritage and new technology on the skills and workforce involved in the massive, long term restoration and renewal work on one of the world’s most recognisable and prestigious sets of buildings. The timeframe for futures forecasting is ten to fifteen years.

Research into understanding current and future apprenticeship training by construction businesses: Our client wished to segment and quantify current and future apprenticeship training by SMEs to assess whether training by these businesses was finite or could be expanded significantly, with the idea of mitigating any skills shortages. The project also examined whether different business models used by SMEs affected their ability or willingness to take on apprentices and the extent of any trade-off between technology and human capital.

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A note about Covid-19

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have remained fully operational. We have adapted our everyday activities to successfully continue delivering research projects for our clients via safe remote and online technologies.