Pye Tait has been carrying out holistic, segmented and stepped timeframe evaluations for a great many years on policies and initiatives, from local implementations of specific education and training policies, to national programmes founded on European Social Fund resources.

Programme and policy evaluation is vital if precious resources are to be used with the greatest possible effect. Equally important however is the need to ensure that the criteria upon which the evaluation is to be based are precisely tuned to the core objectives and that these, in their turn, are critically examined as part of the process.

Key Performance Indicators are only as effective as the original planning and objective-setting process allowed, and they need to be reviewed on a rolling basis as data are gathered from experience and implementation.

Evaluations can be undertaken simply and mechanically – generally with little noticeable effect – or they can be deep and creative, delivering long-term improvements and better value for money. The secret of effective programmes and policy is constant change, and the secret behind change is critical, insightful evaluation carried out at regular intervals.

Pye Tait Consulting has the expertise and experience to be able to deliver this quality of evaluation.