It’s a simple word, but engagement is a complex matter.

In spite of the widespread tendency to see it as a mechanical process of surveys and metrics, it’s actually more about culture and values, far more about the core principles of the organisation than about systems, newsletters, and employee handbooks.

One of our major strengths is our ability to link corporate culture to employee engagement and provide substance as well as statistics. Metrics are fascinating but what really matters are the insights and directions we can provide for cultural development.

“Coffee and colleagues can mean more to corporate success than committees and charts”

The way we do it is through a process we’ve developed over the past fifteen years. It hinges on building relationships, securing buy-in, building rapport, and establishing trust. The mechanisms and metrics are all there – the surveys, interviews, group work, polls, social media, discussions, etc. – but the difference is that they are there to provide evidence for cultural change.

“Focus on culture and engagement will follow.”